1988motech GmbH founded by Cornelia and Jürgen Morton-Finger. motech focuses on developing computer-aided system solutions for the automated control of extrusion lines.
2000Reimotec GmbH founded and the new company location in Ober-Abtsteinach constructed. Reimotec develops and builds complete extrusion lines. Expansion of the product range of motech GmbH in order to include mechanical engineering for complete extrusion lines, especially for the production of technical fibers and packaging tape.
2000-2010Reimotec builds more than 130 extrusion lines.
2008Foundation of Morton Extrusionstechnik GmbH at the Ober-Abtsteinach location and launch of the production of monofilaments. The product range includes artificial turf fibers, technical fibers for concrete reinforcement, medical sewing threads, toothbrush bristles, and fibers used in composite materials.
2010Joint venture between Morton Extrusionstechnik GmbH and Tarkett.
2011Production of artificial turf fibers exclusively for FieldTurf, also a subsidiary of Tarkett.
TodayEurope’s largest producer of artificial turf fibers as a 100% subsidiary of Tarkett.

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