Morton Extrusionstechnik leads the extrusion technology industry in producing the most durable and resilient artificial turf fibers in the world. We are deeply committed to the highest standards of quality, with sustainability as our central objective. Consequently, sustainability guides the development of our business strategy, production and recycling processes, our products, and how we handle our company’s most important resource, our employees.

Please take a moment to read the mission statements provided by the members of our Management Board:

Dr. Cornelia Röger-Göpfert

Managing Director

Dr. Cornelia Röger-Göpfert is a chemist who studied in Würzburg and Edinburgh. Before starting her time at Morton, she worked for BASF for many years, where she was very happy. She heard about Morton from her husband, a youth soccer coach, while he was searching for artificial turf for his club. He repeatedly and enthusiastically told her about Morton in Abtsteinach. The rest is history: Cornelia Röger-Göpfert has been the Managing Director of Morton since 2020, initially in conjunction with the company founder Jürgen Morton-Finger. This arrangement ensured a smooth and successful transition, and since April 2021, she has been the sole Managing Director. 

We are at the forefront of our industry! We manufacture top-tier fiber right here in Germany, whereas many other companies rely on cheap labor from outside of Europe. The company’s decades of know-how create the basis for the best fiber available on the market. Prior to our integration into the Tarkett Group, we built nearly all the extrusion lines used in the industry.

Everyone at Morton can still contribute to manufacturing the best products. Our employees have the opportunity to build something that lasts. We are a loyal company who are always looking for loyal staff. Morton’s family character is one of the factors that guarantees our success today and ensures flat hierarchies, clear structures, and shorter decision-making paths. We always make sound, quick, and practical decisions.

Morton belongs to the family-owned Tarkett Group, which continuously invests in the Abtsteinach location. This secures Morton’s future as well as every single job. My personal goal: I want to keep this location constantly prepared for the future so that Morton’s claim to be an industry leader remains unchanged, just like the family character of the company in the beautiful Odenwald region.”

Florent Plozner

Head of Finance and Authorised Company Signatory

Florent Plozner has been working at Morton since 2011. His career at the company, initially as controller, coincided with the company’s integration into the Tarkett Group. Today, he is also responsible for corporate planning, accounting, finance, auditing, purchasing, and sales. Florent Plozner originally comes from Paris and studied business administration in France and Germany.

Even if we are now part of a group, the founders have left a lasting mark on Morton. And we continue to ride this wave. This founding spirit, as well as our extensive know-how, is what makes us the valuable asset that we are for the Tarkett Group today. We continue to invest in this every year—continuously improving products, methods, and plants. And, of course, we continue to invest in the development of our employees. 

We are fast! We can realize products within a few months—from the initial idea to the next generation of fibers. We can consistently achieve this level of performance because our team runs like clockwork. Everyone at Morton is flexible, yet the team works together. 

We are currently looking for people who want to develop their potential and talents to join our team at Morton. We are developing our company further every day. This target, therefore, requires a lot of energy and, above all, creativity—in all departments. At Morton, we value and promote our employees’ strengths as they contribute to our objective of creative innovation.

We are a globally positioned company, selling most of what we produce abroad. The Abtsteinach location is an integral part of a worldwide network. Our employees are the most important part of this success story for the largest local employer. This one location in one region of Germany has much to offer!

Christian Morton-Finger

Plant Manager and Authorized Company Signatory (Plant Manager)

Christian Morton-Finger was already jobbing at Morton when he was only 16 years old. After completing his studies as a plastics engineer in 2009, the son of the founding couple subsequently became a process engineer in the company. During the integration into the Tarkett Group, Morton, a mechanical construction company, became a producer of artificial turf fibers. In his role at the company, Christian Morton-Finger accompanied this process and later became production manager. He is now the plant manager and authorized company signatory.

The founders’ history still lives on at Morton, which is in no way contradictory to the dynamism that continues to prevail in our company. Our products are great, extremely innovative, and at the same time efficient. This pursuit of excellence was always part of our history, and we will continue to preserve it. We work as a team, like one big family. Our doors are always open, which creates the basis for good communication and short decision-making processes. We like to be easy-going with each other—but without losing sight of the consistent demand for quality and efficiency. We would all like to continue this legacy of my parents. 

Morton is part of a group, and we benefit from this. But at the same time, we are still a “complete company”—we possess all the required structures in-house. As diverse as the tasks at Morton are, the people who work for us are also very versatile. At our company, everyone has a chance to gain a foothold and make a contribution. We think sustainably, which means we maintain a long-term vision. We maintain a stable environment with a high degree of commitment and reliability for this purpose. Our desire for sustainability especially applies to how we treat the people who work at Morton. Our many long-standing employees will confirm this: of the approximately 200 people who work at Morton, around half have been with the team for ten years or more.