We Are Specialists

Our team includes many women and men who possess a high degree of expertise. These people are, for example, plastics, processing, electrical and mechanical engineers, as well as technicians and chemists. Together, they ensure that we—together with our partner FieldTurf—have developed the best artificial sports turf innovations in the world. We also remain in close contact with our partners at universities and research facilities.

We Are Innovative

We jointly develop new recipes, formulations, and technologies to produce our artificial turf fibers. Our focus, as always, is on sustainability: our development successes to date include the world’s most durable artificial turf fibers and artificial grass fibers with a high recycled content and, simultaneously, increased longevity. We have also successfully developed modern artificial turf systems that do not use artificial infill granulate and thus do not release microplastics into the environment. The recycling processes and production facilities we have developed enable us to convert old artificial turf material into new turf.

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