In the Right Place at the Right Time

Production planning communicates with customers and plans the specific products that specific production lines will manufacture according to a precise timeline. The Scheduling Department coordinates and controls the availability and delivery of the required input materials. This also involves obtaining quotes from various suppliers and ordering all the necessary raw materials, auxiliary materials, and machine parts.

Smooth Sequences

The Scheduling and Logistics departments work closely together, ensuring that the necessary raw materials and resources are available for smooth production operations and that the plastic fibers produced always reach the customer in good condition.

The logistics team receives the raw materials and makes sure all the required paperwork is complete. The employees ensure that everything is subsequently brought to the right place in the factory on time and maintain documentation of the storage locations and the available quantities. The finished products are finally loaded, and the necessary precautions are implemented to guarantee safe transport. The colleagues transfer the goods to the hauler and ensure that the goods are properly declared to the customs authorities.

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